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Badges, brass Badges, pewter Bearskin Bearskin Helmets
Beeswax Belly Boxes Belt Plates & Tips Blackball
Boots Brass Buttons Buckles, brass Buckles, iron
Buff leather Buttons, brass Buttons, horn Button information
Buttons, pewter Buttons, copper    
Camp Kettle Bags Cartridge Boxes Cartridge Former Cartridge Paper
Cartridge Pouch Clasp Cartridge Pouches Cartridge Pouch Badges Clasp, Neckstock
Cloth, wool Cloak Clasp Cockades Corks
Cuff Links      
Drum Apron & Carriage   Epaulettes  
Fabric - Flax & Hemp linen Fabric - horsehair Fabric, wool Fife Sling
Flints   Garters Goatskin Helmets
Hammer Stall
Hat Cords Haversacks Heel Plates
Helmets, Bearskin Hemp Fabric Hemp Rope Hemp Webbing
Hi-Lo's - Half Boots Hobnails Hooks & Eyes Horn Buttons
Horsehair Fabric      
Iron Buckles   Kettle Bags  
Lace, metallic Lace - linen & wool Lead flint wrapper Leather
Linen Fabric Linen Tape Linen Thread  
Metallic Lace Miscellaneous
Brass Items
Mohair Thread Musicians Equipment
Musket Slings Musket Tools    
Neckstocks Neckstock Clasp Needles Ostrich Plumes
Pewter Badges Pipe Tamper

Plating Information

Plumes, Ostrich
Pouches, Cartridge    
Regimental Lace Ribbon. silk Rope, hemp  
Scabbard - brass parts Sewing Notions Shoes Shoulder Straps
Silk Ribbon Silk Thread Sleeve Links
Sling, fife Sling, musket Spring Vise Swatches
Sword Hilt Parts Sword Knots    
Tape, linen Thread, linen Thread, silk & mohair Vise - musket spring
Waistbelts Wallet Watch Fob or Toy Webbing, hemp
Wooden Flint Wool Cloth Wool Lace  

Camp Images Page
Images of 18th C. military camps.
Regimental Lace Images Page
Samples of Regimental Lace and Facing Cloth from The Lace Book in the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, circa 1768.
Grenadier Cap Image Page
Image of a British 35th Foot Grenadier cap (1760's style)

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