Miscellaneous Brass Items

Upon request, most items can be cast in solid sterling silver at additional cost.
All these items are made in Rhode Island.

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[Scabbard Parts]Bayonet Scabbard Parts:
"HB" - Scabbard hook (locket or clip) from original found near Fort Ticonderoga, 1¾" tall, $8
"HC" - Scabbard chape (tip), 1" tall, $5
"HA" - Sword Scabbard Hook, 2" tall (larger than "HB"), $11
[Stock Clasp]Neck stock clasp set - from originals found on Staten Island. $16
[]23rd Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers trivet. Has four lugs on reverse side. Measures 5" x 6". $50
[Key Plate]"KEY" - Escutcheon plate based on various styles found at Fort Richmond and other sites. It may have been used as a cartridge box decoration. $10
[Lionhead]Lion head medallion, $15
[Pipe Tamper]Pipe Tamper, to tampen tobacco in a clay pipe, 1¾" tall. $15 Pictured in Artifacts of Colonial America by Ivor Noel Hume, pg. 311.
[Watch Fob]"WF" Watch Fob, $6
Sterling Silver or Gold plated, $7

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