Sword Parts

These parts are from 18th C. swords owned by William McMillan,
former curator of Richmondtown Restoration village on Staten Island.
Parts #14, 15, 16 & 17 are from a civilian sword and as such fit together.
Upon request, these parts can be cast in solid sterling silver at additional cost,
which may be five times the cost of brass,
or cast in white bronze (aka jewelers bronze or German silver) at about twice the cost of brass.
All these parts are made in Rhode Island.
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Sword parts are sold as raw unpolished castings, often with casting sprues as seen on these photos.

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Counter Guard - outside#14 - Counter Guard, 4" high x 3" wide. $32

[sword parts #15]#15 - Quillon & Knuckle Bow, 4¾" high x 4" wide. $55
[sword part #16]#16 - Grip, 3" tall x 1" diameter. $22
[sword part #17]#17 - Urn Pommel, 1½" tall x 1" diameter. $16
[sword part #20]#20 - Oval Pommel, 1¾" tall x 1" diameter. $18
[sword part #27]#27 - Dog Head Pommel, 1½" high, for 7/8" diameter grip. $20
[sword part #28]#28 - Open Work Guard & Knuckle Bow, used on horsemans sabers. 9 ¾" overall length x 2" wide. $95
[sword part #29]#29 - Bolster/Collar, ¼" tall x ¾" diameter. Used as a reinforcing band on horn and wood grips. $6
[sword part #46]#46 - Shell Guard, used on hunting swords. 3" long x 2½" wide. $22

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