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My backlog of leather helmet orders has come to the point that I cannot accept any further orders.
I will update this message when I can again accept leather helmet orders.
Bearskin and Goatskin helmets are still available from Roger Fuller.

To order any Hat or Helmet Accessories: click on this PDF icon and follow the instructions on the top of the page.
Hat and Helmet Accessories Order Form.pdf, file size 13kbs.

Leather Helmets - are made-to-order, completely handmade and handsewn. The process of making helmets is a slow and tedious one and the demand has created a backlog of orders. To be fair to all, orders are filled on first-ordered, first-made basis with no payment accepted until the work is complete. Orders are cancelable at any time. When ordering, please state your head measurement (inches and fraction). The measurement should be the circumference of the head with the measuring tape about ½" above the brow ridge, to above the ears, to the high point at the back of the head. Leather helmets can be made for measurements from 21¼ inches to 24½ inches.

These helmets are made from heavy, high quality leather. The skulls halves are stitched together, soaked and stretched over oblong wood helmet blocks of the desired size. After drying several days the leather skull is removed from the block, dyed and shellacked black, stiffened with hide glue, and trimmed to your specifications.

  Corps of Light Infantry
Similar to the helmet worn by Col. Alexander Hamilton as depicted in Trumbull's "Surrender at Yorktown". This helmet has a small leather visor, and the front plate (shield) can be painted with "LIy" cypher between the two white chevrons. Blonde horsehair is sewn into the comb. Inside the helmet is a functional leather and linen sweatband with drawstring. The exterior has a white linen turban with bow (other colors and materials optional). 5 inch tall Red & Black plume is affixed to helmet with an Alliance cockade. $130.00
Helmet Skull - $35.00
No front plate (shield) or visor. No sweatband or other embellishment.

Helmet options::
Front plate (shield) $ 15.00
Visor $15.00
Horsehair crest (Specify color) $25.00
Helmet liner (sweatband) $20.00

Dragoon caps, and other such leather headgear, can be made to order.

Corps of Light Infantry Plume - 5 inch upright plume of clipped feathers fixed to a twisted brass wire core. 3 inch black bottom with a 2 inch red top, 4 inch diameter. No Longer Available - see G.Gedney Godwin for these.

Bearskin Helmets / Goatskin Helmets - available in grenadier, fusilier, and musician formats. These collapsible caps, modeled on existing artifacts, retail for $319.00, plus Postal Priority Shipping, for a basic cap. A basic cap has the metal King's Plate in the front and blank badge on the back, but no other decoration. However, a typical grenadier or musician cap would have had an engraved, numbered badge on the back, and cap cording with at least a single tassel. This cap would be $369.00, plus Postal Priority Shipping. Other caps may differ. Made by Roger Fuller of the 40th Foot. Please consult Roger Fuller at hm95thfoot@yahoo.com for inquiries and orders.

Black Bearskin - used to trim helmets, caps, pistol holsters, and knapsacks. See attached pdf file for photos of the current stock. None in stock.

Bearskin pdf file

All my bearskins were legally taken and can be legally sold by me according to the laws of the State of Rhode Island. I assume when you order a bearskin from me that you can legally possess the bearskin according to the laws of your state. If you order bearskins from me and cannot possess them according to the laws of your state, I will hold you responsible for any penalties and legal fees that I incur. This price list and website shall be interpreted to mean that I am not offering to sell bearskins to buyers in states where such sale is prohibited.

Black Bears are considered a threatened species, thus due to restrictions imposed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), I cannot ship bearskins outside of the USA.


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